What University Students Say

“PeaceJam was overall an incredibly rewarding experience. To work so closely and unreservedly with these young yet potent characters and minds was thrilling and a lot of fun. During the sessions, in preparation as well as at the conference, I felt I expanded my confidence and competence, my ‘keeping timeskills and my communication abilities.”

“PeaceJam - what a feather in the university's cap! So inspiring and what an experience! I also greatly appreciate all the preparation and training we received (in child protection, mentoring, coaching, team-working, and more). I will remember PeaceJam as a totally outstanding part of my time spent in Bradford.”

“It was an amazing experience that I feel very privileged to have been able to take part in.”

“I value the relationships I have built with other mentors as well as the inspiration of some of the most motivational students I have met.”

“[I valued] working together as part of the PeaceJam team with the other volunteers and meeting new people. I also thoroughly enjoyed working with the young people who came to the event with their schools and supporting them to develop and think about how they can contribute to peace in their communities in different ways and in how they can make a difference both collectively and individually.”

“The main benefits of volunteering with PeaceJam include the opportunity to gain valuable work experience relevant to our degrees, to develop new skills including facilitation and conflict resolution/transformation, and to learn and interact with both internationals—including a Nobel Peace Laureate—and the local community.”

“Working as a team, with the volunteers and other mentors was also a really good experience, the energy with all of our determination to make it a good weekend meant that even when I was getting tired I could become re-energised. To be honest, the best thing about the experience was the people we got a chance to work with, whether student, volunteer or staff.”

“To be involved in something so stirring and moving, to have made new friends who I am sure I will keep for a long time and to have met Adolfo.”

“The skills we were trained in and acquired gave us the confidence to be able to function in a team, and the overall experience. How often does one get the chance to speak to such massive characters and inspirations as the peace laureates involved in PeaceJam?”