Primary Schools

PeaceJam Juniors focuses on the childhood experiences of the Laureates and emphasises core skills such as literacy. 

PeaceJam Leaders could also be used at the upper end of the primary age range or ability range. 

Primary age students do not attend the PeaceJam conferences, but we can organise, or help you organise, a fun activity-packed one-day event, known as a PeaceJam Slam, in your school or for a group of local schools.

We encourage the feeder primary schools in areas where secondary schools are already using the Leaders and Ambassadors curricula, to start with the Juniors package. 

PeaceJam learning materials can also be used very successfully in 'all-through' schools. To find out more about using the PeaceJam resources, please contact us and we can put you in touch with a school that is already using them.